‘Recognising numerous inefficiencies in its Supply Chain and Materials Management having changed little in 20 years, with a high incidence of clinical staff spending considerable amounts of time ordering “non-stock” lines, the Trust addressed this by agreeing to invest in an Inventory Management System. In preparation for this shift change in the management of goods we realised the importance of a review of the current service in order to help us understand what and how we needed to change.

Jackie spent time across our three sites, meeting staff who work in all aspects of the Supply Chain. Her report highlighted many issues, some that we were aware of and others that came as a bit of a surprise! The report was excellent and offered candid analysis and sensible recommendations. Jackie is clearly very knowledgeable in her field and was able to offer great insight from years of previous experience both within the NHS and industry. She demonstrated an excellent understanding of all areas of the supply chain, common sense and a structured approach both to the review and the report. I would heartily recommend Jackie’s services.’

Vanessa Jinks, Associate Director of Procurement, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust